day 25

first day on the cruise. this was right after the muster drill. don't i look great in orange??


Day 24

Flew into the long beach airport today. Very interesting experience! This is a quick shot I took from the tarmac. It way amazing flying in at sunset.


day 23

ugh. this is my second least favorite thing about going on a trip. my first least favorite thing is unpacking. both result in lots of laundry!!!


day 22

how can you not love this?? especially before a vacation!


day 21

wow...it's been 21 days already? i can't believe it! i stopped for dinner on the way home from work tonight. cheeseburgers and onion rings. delish!!!


day 20

we had a little bit (rolling eyes here...) of a snow storm last night. i normally have a 35-40 minute commute. today, since i went at an odd time, it was an hour and 45 minutes. oh joy.


day 19

i love blueberry waffles. so i decided to make waffles for breakfast this morning. i had to make blueberry and plain, because kerry doesn't like blueberry. and i don't mind making two different kinds because i love him!! funny thing though, he ended up eating the blueberry ones! he likes them after all!


day 18

would you believe in all of this, i have no version of lime green or turquoise? ack!! that's what i need for a project today!!


day 17

um, is there a support group for this???


day 16

this is what i spent a good portion of today working on. it's the digital scrapbook version of my first week of this project. i'm not sure i have the stamina to do one of these for every week. the blog idea is much better, i think. but who knows. most of the elements i got from a cool place called weeds & wildflowers design. they did a spin on the project 365 and created all sorts of digital goodies. it's very fun, addicting and TIME CONSUMING!!!


day 15

no matter what i do...i can never seem to control this monster. it's the laundry monster. and this is only a house of 2 people. i can't even imagine how those with kids manage. this is a mountain of clean laundry. it's comparable to the one of dirty clothes, but they are in separate spaces waiting to be done. so it doesn't seem as ominous. i guess i should go play king of the mountain with it...


day 14

today is a historical day. (and i totally stole the idea for this picture from becky higgins blog!!) 24 years ago (oh that makes me feel old!), i was in washington dc at the inauguration of president ronald regan. my high school's marching band was invited to play in the inauguration parade, which ended up being cancelled because it was too cold. i was only in 8th grade, but because both my brothers were in the band and my parent's were chaperons i was lucky enough to tag along. it was such an amazing experience (and i think the coldest i'd ever been!!)


day 13

taking these of was the best part of my very long, busy, day...


day 12

this is the joyous site of me leaving work early! that doesn't happen very often!

on a side note, this is the same view that i posted a few days ago (here). see that nastiness that you can't see the mountains through?


day 11

another swap to mail out!! i am involved in quite a few swaps with friends from all over the world. i participate as well as host the swaps. today i've been working on sorting one of the swaps i'm hosting. this is what it looks like when i'm sorting them all out to send to each participant!


day 10

it as chilly this morning as i went to work. it was funny because it was 16 by my house, then about 5 miles away, it ws up to 21!!


day 9

each winter (or "respiratory season" as it's called at work), we get pretty busy. so to prepare for the increase in census, we have to work an extra shift each month from december to march. it's one extra 12 hour shift a month, so it isn't too bad. it's called a mandatory call shift. today is my mandatory call shift. luckily, i've managed to stay "on call" so far and i was on call for my shift in december! but i hate being on call!! i dread every time the phone rings!!

and a little note: i have a decent camera on my phone (nothing stellar, but good enough for me!). so i don't actually take my camera everywhere. i just use the one on my phone. i have been taking the real camera out more often, though!


day 8

my boyfriend, kerry, hates having his picture taken. he has ever since i've known him. probably his whole life! we were running errands today (which we seem to do everyday i don't work now!). he was just waiting in line at the store and i wanted to take a picture. he was being his usually anti-picture self, and this is what i managed to get.


day 7

this is the view from where i work. the hospital i work at is on one of the benches of the mountains on the east side of the valley. as you look out, you can see the entire valley and the mountains on the west side. we have weird weather sometimes during the winter. not weird, really, but it will be nice and clear and sunny. when there aren't any storms, the valley starts to gather a lovely band of gunk. it's got a nice name we like to call "the inversion". pretty much, it's a band of smog and crud in the air that makes those with lung issues really hate it!!

ETA: i guess i should clarify! this is the view from one of the stairwells in the hospital...my view varies each day depending on what bed space i'm in. only a few of them have windows. so some days i'm in a windowless room!!!


day 6

i'm feeling much better today!! i was supposed to work today. i got up at 520am like usual and hopped in the shower. while i was in the shower, kerry brought in my phone that was ringing. i was put on call! yippee!! that doesn't happen very often. i couldn't get back to sleep, so i decided to be crafty. i made a set of atcs for a swap. now i'm off to run errands! i originally posted a picture of the atcs i made, but decided since it's on my other blog, i won't put it here, too. instead, this is where i've spent the other part of my day!!!

ps. you can get a lot accomplished when you get up so early!!!


day 5

don't you hate it when you just feel yucky? this is my day...slept in after a long day at work yesterday. got up about 10. i felt icky, had a weird stomach ache and a horrible headache. i watched "confessions of a teenage idol" (i know, huh?). i still didn't feel great so i went and laid down again. i just got up around 3pm!!! crazy! this is all i feel like at the moment...


day 4

this is my sanctuary after a long day at work. a little tubbie time works wonders on the attitude adjustment and tired feet!! of course, it must have lots of bubbles. tonight i chose twisted peppermint (my new love!) from bath and body works. and i'm trying out my new tubbie pillow!!! now i just need to pick a book and i'm set for about an hour!!!

where's my rubber ducky??


day 3

some may call this a mess. but this is what i call "a work in progress." the funny thing about the way i craft is i usually start with one idea in my head. then i mess with things. i start putting things together. before i know it, i've created a disaster area. the end result is usually a combination of things. i start with my one idea, then when i'm finished, i have a couple of things that have morphed from that one idea.
then there's the big mess...


day 2

i'm such a sleep in type of girl. no matter what time i go to bed, i love to sleep in. i could sleep 12 hours a day, every day, i swear!! so on days i work, i hate getting up so early. this morning i took a picture of the clock in my car, as it is the time i start my drive to work!! not that i need a reminder, but it's a big part of my life!!!


day 1

i thought this was a fitting picture to start off this new adventure. kind of like i'm starting down a new path...i don't know quite where it is going to take me...but it looks pretty nice. i'm so glad the sun finally came out today. it was nice to remember that the sun still shines even though it has been so gray and gloomy lately.

365: my way

so i'm a sheep sometimes. i admit it. i like doing what the "in" crowd is doing. but when becky higgins announced her project 365, the idea of scrapbooking 365 days (or a year, in other words), i thought it was a silly idea. what on earth can i document every single day? and i don't really scrapbook. or have kids that take up most of the space in a scrapbook. so i read the article in ck magazine, saw the kit of the month by becky, and didn't really think anything of it. then apparently there was a huge debacle (i love that word!) when the kotm went on sale. and it caused a huge uproar. but back to me...

i got thinking about it. why couldn't i do it? don't i blog anyway? isn't that a form of scrapbooking? i think so! and just because i don't have kids, doesn't mean i don't have a life to document. that's pretty much what the project is about anyway. documenting a year of your life. so i think i may give this idea a try. of course, it doesn't have to start right on january 1st. so i'm a few days late. big whoop! the goal is to do 365 days. so today will be day one. i know i've started projects in the past, and let them fall to the way side. but i'm going to give this a solid try.

and who knows...maybe in 366 days, i'll be making my 366th post!! stay tuned!!