day 53

so there's this big metal tree in the middle of nowhere. it's between salt lake city and wendover. just off the freeway. really bizarre. here's a link if you want to read more. we drove past it today on the way to lose some money in the slots and i thought it would make a good picture of the day. i used my phone camera so it actually looks like a scene from star wars or some other sci-fi show!


day 52

this is sargent awesome. or sarge for short. he's our traveling companion. he's been on all major trips with us. mexico was no exception. here he is hanging out on the beach in cabo san lucas. he really really wants to go back.


day 50

this was taken in mexico. we found a bazillion starfish when we got there. then 10 minutes later they were all gone. it was the strangest thing!


day 49

i was so excited about how warm it was today! i had to take a picture to show that it as really in the 60's. i'll have to remember that when it gets cold again!

edit: yep, the next day it was 26. go figure.


day 48

i took this picture the other day when i went to the library. it's a little man made stream (empty at the moment) that they have dividing the parking lots. there are a few of them on the property. very cool.


day 47

my family (minus one of my brother and his family) got together at my moms for dinner tonight. it was great. we had fabulous lasagna, chocolate cake, and a rousing game of cards. this is my mom and my two nieces, mary, madison and sydney.


day 46

i'm a nerd. i love the library. i love checking out books. and i love that you can look up books online, see if they are in and go get them. if they aren't in, you can request a hold and they will send them to the branch you want. it's great. i went to pick up new books today at the draper library. it's my favorite one.


day 45

i found this photo of my family a while ago. i rediscovered it today. i love it. we were all so little! it was probably around 1973.


day 44

the sun was just coming up over the mountains as i was going back home today. i went to work, but came right home since i was feeling quite pukey. i wish i would have had my real camera. i took it in black and white.


day 43

i had a few errands to run today. one of them included a trip to one of my favorite places. i visit the post office on a frequent basis and i love getting mail!!


day 42

i was coming home from the grocery store today and took a road i usually don't. the road hasn't been open for very long, so i thought i'd try it and see if it got me to my house. it did. and along the way, the view was incredible. so i stopped and took a picture. i tired the landscape feature on my camera and it worked pretty well. i love how the picture turned out. it's looking over the valley (utah county) that i live in. the big white area is utah lake, that is currently frozen (i think!)


day 41

what's this? the sun finally came out for a minute today. it was glorious. i never left the house today (except to take this picture!) that was equally as glorious!


day 40

my hands. they hate #1 being back at work and #2 being back in the dry utah air. they look like little old person hands.


day 39

i'm committing to eat and live a healthier life. of course, it's going to be a long process. this is one of my favorite breakfasts (and treats, sometimes!). i recently discovered these splenda flavor blends for coffee. add a french vanilla to some oatmeal and it's super yummy!

day 38

is it ever going to stop??


day 37

i work with a lady that is a history buff. she LOVES abe lincoln. so we celebrated his birthday today at work. she's been counting down this day for weeks! she brought cake for everyone. it was funny!


day 36

sorry about the quality of the photo. i was too tired to go get the good camera. this is my new laptop. my other one died the day of our trip and my honey bought me a new one for valentine's. i love it. he gets golf clubs now!! and my old dead one is in the corner in the background!


day 35

i set up a vacation hold online with the post office. it was supposed to be delivered yesterday, but something got messed up. so i had to go pick it up today, which was fine. this is a weeks worth of mail. i would say half was junk. i got 3 great cards and two other fun things from friends. it made the task of sorting much more fun!!


day 34

i love digital cameras. the one thing i don't love about them is sorting through the hundreds of pictures you end up taking, only to find you have about a dozen good ones!!! oh well...at least you don't have to pay developing fees for the rotten ones!

ps hopefully tomorrow i'll get days 26-33 done.


day 33

i think i slept through this day!!


day 32

coming home from a vacation is never fun. especially when you come home from sunshine and warm weather to rain (then snow in slc!). this is the port in san pedro, ca.


day 31

dinner the last night of our cruise. my cute mom and dad. we were all a little sea sick as the last day the ship was rocking so bad.


day 30

cabo san lucas. we went on a boat tour around land's end, then went to the beach for a few hours. this is one of the few pictures with kerry!


day 29

my favorite time on the trip. stone island beach, mazatlan. it was the most amazing beach. it was a 10 mile long coconut grove on one side, and deserted beach on the other. amazing.


day 28

we were in puerto vallarta today. not many interesting pictues though. we didn't have a planned excursion, so we just got off the ship, walked to walmart (crazy, huh?) to get some soda, then got back on the ship. this is the port and our ship.


day 27

i was experimenting with the timer on the camera. i was also a wee bit intoxicated!! having said that, not a bad pitcture!


day 26

the first sea day of the cruise. we saw amazing sunsets. there were probably amazing sunrises, too, but i was never up that early!!