day 83

i'm wishful thinking today...


day 82

so the schizophrenic weather is back. yesterday 60 degrees. today, a blizzard. it is insane!


day 81

from one set of books to the other. i need a vacation!!!


day 80 (really??? WOW!)

this is maverik. my friend jamie's baby. he's very cute. and very big. of course, i'm a giant wuss, so he freaked me out a little when he was playing. (this is jamie's picture from some time ago, because i'm a dork and forgot to take one!)


day 79

sometimes i wonder if all of this is worth it...it's three little initials.


day 78

ahhhhh...the price we pay for beauty.


day 77

So yesterday we had a blizzard. Today is sunny and blue skies but little snow flurries that I don't think you can see in this picture.


day 76

yep. it's march. nearing the end of march. so what's with all the snow? this is a look at the clouds lingering after the huge snow storm today...


day 75

got an atc swap back the other day and finally put it in the storage sheet. i have about 20 other swaps i need to do this with. maybe next week when i'm done with school!! this one was a "all that's sweet" theme!


day 74

my favorite picture of me as a little.


day 73

this is where i went today to give my nutrition presentation. my favorite part...when the 73ish year old lady told me that i could practice what i preach and that i wasn't exactly the poster girl for healthy eating! it was hysterical. she also said she wasn't either!

day 72 (a day late!)

i did take this picture yesterday. it is a picture of how cool the moon looked as i was leaving for work. i'm bummed the picture isn't as good!


day 71

i was out delivering meals with meals on wheels today and came upon this sign at one of the senior centers. it cracked me up!


day 70

i was going through some pictures for a project and found some great photos!! this was my cute dog, dusty, when she was just a furball!


day 69

i had a bunch of errands to run today (after my time spent at the food bank...). one of the main roads was closed so i had to take a detour. i ended up on a little road by a house i lived in when i was about 3 or 4. i don't remember much about the house except i have two vivid memories. one is the dog house (which isn't there!) that our dog bernie used to live in, or on, rather. the other is my mom planting flowers by the back windows and getting stung by a bee. i have no idea when those are the few memories i have!! i was surprised, too, to see the house faces a different direction than i thought!!


day 68

my latest addiction. and my cute mom's, too!


day 67

we tamed the weeds on the rock wall today. it was such a nice day to work outside!!


day 66

there was an emergency in our house today. since it's friday. i had to get kerry a new xbox live headset. heaven forbid he missed madden!


day 65

got away from me...


day 64

so i'm back in school for a few weeks finishing my bsn (i still have about 5 classes left). i'm in community nursing and we are required to do 45 clinical hours (in 5 weeks, eek!). i volunteered today at an event for community nursing services. it's a 2 day event called the art & soup celebration. different restaurants from all over come with their special soup they've made for the event and there are local artist that have their art available. it was a pretty cool thing. this was the 21st year of the event. very neat.


day 63

i usually don't post the same thing on both my blogs, but i didn't do anything today for this blog. so here is a picture of the latest atcs i made. it's for a swap themed "all things sweet".


day 62

seriously? it's march. c'mon. i thought we were done...


day 61

this picture doesn't do the sunset i saw tonight justice. the nice thing about this whole daylight savings business is it is now light when i leave work. so i caught about 10 minutes of this amazing sunset.


day 59

aw yeah!!


day 58

this has been the mainstay in my house the past three days. i didn't have the nyquil in the picture because we used it all!! i hope in the next day or two i can start breathing freely!! it's bad enough when just one of is sick but we are both sick...no fun at all.


day 57

it has been pretty warm the past few days. it's great! so we grilled some steaks tonight. of course it's supposed to snow tonight. sheesh. will winter ever end?


day 56

i don't mind doing some things around the house. but one thing i just don't like doing is unloading the dishwasher. i don't mind doing the dishes and loading it...but emptying is not my thing!!


day 55

i didn't have time to take a picture today, so you get another oldie but goodie. this is me circa 1976. i posted this picture on my facebook and my brother commented, "holly hobbie callled...she wants her look back." i couldn't agree more!!!


day 54

i was looking for a picture (that i never found) and found this little gem that i love. it's me and my brothers in 1971. mark on the left, mike on the right (i think!)