day 142

one of my cute petunias.


day 141

yummmm....frog eye salad.


day 140

making some progress on my organization of stamps. i'm putting the clear stamps in a binder. takes up much less space and easier to view!


day 139

an appropriate start to a horrible day... (it's a huge rock chip in my windshield)


day 138

trying to figure out a better way to organize these!!!


day 137

the cute wildflowers on the hill in my backyard have bloomed!!


day 135

one of the favorite parts of my day. i love mail!


day 134

madi's graduation. she's such a smarty!


day 133

ok, so i cheated...this is a video and not a picture. i finally got my real engagement/wedding ring today!! i love it so much!


day 132

i saw these two hanging out by the fence on my way home. i had to stop!


day 131

i'm so excited that the wildflowers on the hill in my yard are starting to bloom!


day 130

this is full view of the pots i planted. (and the picture i posted the other day!)

happy birthday to my dad today!!!


day 129

we have lots of visitors around lately. this little guy likes our rain gutter.


day 128

we live right down from a mountain that is a hot hangliding/parasailing place. on my way home from work, there were probably about 30 people out flying around. it was really neat to see.


day 127

this is one of the pots i planted the other day. i have two that have gerbers. i love them!


day 126

my new flower garden. it is little, but full of love. i used gift cards i recieved at my surprise wedding shower from the ladies at the shack! i can't wait to see it in bloom!!


day 125

this is my newest purchase. i've been wanting one for a while, but they are kinda pricey. i found this one on cropchocolate.com for a good price plus free shipping! i keep hoping that if i get enough organizational stuff, my craft room will be more organized. we'll see.


day 124

went to the movie today. i really like this fountain. it's just simple.


day 123

the moon looked so neat this morning.


day 121

home, home on the range...driving range that is!


day 120

finally some decent weather for these!


day 119

since when should these two items cost $40???


day 118

ahhh...the first mowing of the season. too bad my lawn isn't all as green as it is in the corner!


day 117

it's raining. again. so i want it to feel like spring but it's not letting me. i took this a couple weeks ago on my trip. i love this tree!!


day 116

i was quite productive on my trip to palooza last week. i just got around to posting all my creations on my other blog (you can see them here...). but i had to post my favorite one here!!


day 115

it's back to the rainy season again. but i saw this amazing rainbow and made kerry pull into a parking lot so i could take a picture!!


day 114

another picture from my surprise shower that my friends from the shack had during our shackapolooza get together (i'm not sure how took the picture!) chelsea made this great hat with brads. it was awesome!