day 365

well, i started this monster on jan 7, 2009, so i'm not sure how day 365 falls on jan 4, 2010?? oh well, i'm sure i goofed along the way!! thanks to all of you that checked out my blog over the past year. it was a fun project (and boring at times, which i'm sure you are aware of!). still trying to decide if i want to do it this year.

i'm sad that this picture doesn't do justice to how pretty the sunrise was this morning.


Jen said...

keep going!!!!

i love getting to read an occassional thought from you--helps me feel like I'm still seeing you on a semi-regular basis. and i'd miss you too much if you stopped.

Allyson said...

It's such an awesome idea and you pick things to take pictures of that make you smile, and look at them in a new way. I love it. I say good job on you for doing it for a year!